The Flight of the King

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A fascinating book by Allan Fea, first published in 1897. The first part investigates the King’s journey and provides an astonishing amount of information about the surviving locations. The second part of the book reprints several tracts by people closely associated with the escape, dealing with accounts of parts of the escape. These supplement more important accounts included in the book, The Boscobel Tracts, and are as follows:

  1. An account of the early days of the escape, believed to be based on the recollections of the Penderel brothers. 1660. (18 pages)
  2. Account given by Thomas Whitgrave (of Moseley Hall) and Fr John Huddleston. 1688. (17 pages)
  3. Extract from the memoirs of Dr George Bate, Physician to Charles II. 1663. (28 pages)
  4. Account by Captain Alford, Mayor of Lyme Regis, about the events of the escape in the South West. (6 pages)
  5. Account by Colonel Gunter dealing with his involvement in the escape. (23 pages)