Even these two lists are not all there is. In addition to the above, readers may wish to consider the following quote from HP Kingstons’s book, The Wanderings of King Charles II in Staffordshire and Shropshire after Worcester Fight, September 3rd 1651 (1933):

“There is a tradition at the Talbot Inn, Knightswick, Worcestershire, where Charles is said to have stayed the night and, in the character of a servant, to have blacked a pair of shoes. … this is one of many such traditions which are found in Ipswich, at Ripley in Surrey, in Lancashire and Cheshire, in Devonshire, Hertfordshire, Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire. In fact, places which claim Charles II as a visitor are almost as numerous as the beds in which Queen Elizabeth slept.”

There are at least two explanations. Firstly, there were many disguised Royalists fleeing from Cromwell, in several cases these individuals may have been confused with the King himself. Secondly, when Charles was restored, pensions and rewards were being claimed and this may have resulted in certain speculative claims.

If you are walking the Monarch’s Way, this page provides details of where to find the key locations.