History – Primary material

The Boscobel Tracts: Relating to the Escape of Charles the Second After the Battle of Worcester and His Subsequent Adventures; edited by J Hughes esq

The Flight of the King; Allan Fea

History – Secondary material

Charles II and his Escape into Exile: Capture the King, Martyn R Beardsley (2019) – Recomended

The Escape of Charles II; Richard Ollard (1966)

To Catch a King – Charles II’s Great Escape; Charles Spenser (2017)

The Monarch’s Way

The Monarch’s Way, Book 1 – The Midlands (Green Book); Trevor Antill

The Monarch’s Way, Book 2 – The Cotswold, The Mendips and the Sea (Yellow Book); Trevor Antill

The Monarch’s Way, Book 3 – The South Coast, The Downs  … and Escape (Red Book); Trevor Antill

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Blog about the route by Gillian Bagwell, author of The King’s Mistress, a novel about the escape:

Photos of the route:

The Monarch’s Way Fastest Known Time – How Lee-Stuart Evans completed the route faster than Charles